Long agricultural fields Map v 4 Final
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Мод-"Long agricultural fields Map v 4 Final"

Long agricultural fields Map v 4 Final

Finally it's here, the long agricultural fields Map Final!

Welcome to Langenfeld, a small but beautiful town in the heart of North Rhine Westphalia!

You will find a very detailed and painstakingly edited map with various features! It is a converted Standartmap, but was rebuilt by me so that you can see from the map only the original road. There are many trees on this map, but also many small details;) so you can even go on a quest!
There are two courtyards, both have a bale shredder and silos for maize, canola, barley, wheat and grass and corn silage. Everything is recorded in the PDA, each under grass and corn silage. In addition, two biogas plants are installed on the Map, one small and one slightly larger. Both are fully functional! Money is paid into the night at exactly 0:00 clock.
The port was removed completely, at this point is now the country Billinger trade. In addition, there is still a grain silo, which must be taken with the Siloschaufel. So, please download the mod pack (This is ESSENTIAL) download, since it includes the mods for the cow pasture! It includes not only the Stoll grab buckets, but also other useful mods that play with this map, the "more fun" can be.
There are 4 delivery locations, the two normals, that mill and brewery, have come to Billinger country trade and the windmill. Of course, the PDA is also adapted (Though it's not very perfect, but much better than in the V2, Final will then be matched perfectly!)
There has been much attention on the design of the map, thus ultimately was so detailed and was also the whole time with lots of love built to detail! It used new textures, new cultivators, plows and seed texture.

The growth times of the grain of the grass and were modified as follows:
· Rape: 5x as long as the originals on Map
° wheat: 5x as long as the originals on Map
· Corn: 5x as long as the originals on Map
· Barley: 5x as long as the originals on Map
· Grass 10x as long as the originals on Map

Please visit our forum at times

It is forbidden to download the map changes to make. It is also prohibited to upload the map on other download pages!

Changes to version 2:

• The small BGA is now functional, the game no longer depends on itself.
· Completely rebuilt cow pasture, now with silos and a barn, into which you can drive into the feed mixer, where you can feed the cows. Here too there is now a grain silo.
• Error in field 3 fixed invisible object removed
Hidden away at the subject · grain silos
· Map i3d now become even smaller (43.9 MB).
× 2 new fields have come to
· Now in more detail, landscape was again revised in some places
· Transition of dirt road adapted to
· Road traffic signs partially removed (which were twice to driveways)
• New street poles in the side streets ...
• New dealer
· And much more. !

Changes to version 3:

· Map i3d now even smaller
· Now you can own the milk if you feel like driving to the dairy, but it still drives the milk truck. Payout is the milk truck at 0:00 clock.
· Newly designed landscape (details in the map again improved)
· Completely new farm 1 (main court)
· Cow pasture has been revised, new barn and silos in new silos for dumping of grass and corn silage
· Newly designed inner city, now even more detailed
· Cow meadow near the cow farm completely revised
· Newly set trees from the Collision
· Fences in field margins mostly removed (Now Abfahrhelfer should have no more problems too large)
· Now mountainous designed to create new pastures on nearby streets. No steep hills more
• New "beach" at Cow Meadow 2
· About course of dirt roads to the road once again thoroughly revised, "jump" to the curbs should no longer occur.
· Map Folder tidy, not files deleted using (now "only" 141 MB in size, instead of 158 MB)
· Double buildings / unnecessary "bells and whistles" away
• New textures in the map
· And much more ... let's stay tuned: D

But now I wish you much fun playing!

Your LS 2020

General information:

Construction time - about 4 months (Overall, because previous versions there are)
Mapper - LS 2020
Error - Coll No
Map i3d - 39.1 MB (! Previously 45.9 MB!)

My thanks go to all modders, whose buildings and scripts have been installed on the Map!

It will still need the following scripts to the BGA is functional!

- V1.3 [MP] biogas plant:

- [MP] BGA silos V1.4:


Information about download links:

(1) The first download link for the map! (Uploaded.to)

(2) The second download link for the Modpack (This should be downloaded Modpack SURE, so the functionality is guaranteed by the transport of milk and the dung conveyor belt. It comes with a manual!) (Uploaded.to)

Information about the PC:

The map should now run correctly on low PC because the map i3d file is only as big as the original map of the GIANTS, that is 39.5 MB. The whole map folder is now 140 MB, 158 MB hate the previous version.

Test PC:

Ø 1x AMD Athlon 5000 + (2.8 GHz), 2 GB DDR 2 RAM, 1GB Nvidia GeForce graphics card
Ø 2x Intel i5 processor, 4 GB DDR 3 RAM and a 1GB Nvidia Geforce graphics card

I hope the map with you, with me running as smoothly;)

вариант 1:  Скачанный файл Архив в формате ZIP перетащить в папку Мои Документы\MyGames\FarmingSimulator2013\mods\ 

вариант 2:  Скачанный файл Архив RAR разархивировать. И файлы в формате ZIP перетащить в папку Мои Документы\MyGames\FarmingSimulator2013\mods\ 

вариант 3:  Скачанный файл EXE авто установка. Нужно кликнуть по нему два раз и запустить установку. 

вариант 4:  Скачанный файл устанавливается с помощью программы Giant Editor

5.0/5 из 1

Добавил: dimanix
Загрузок: 2050
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